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Wild Lotus Temple

''You were Wild once. Don't let them tame you" Isadora Duncan

Wild Lotus Temple is a Dance platform that started in 2010 to bring Fusion Belly dance to classes in Newcastle, England by Donna Zakura (BA Dance and Culture).  Six years after moving to Australia Donna than started classes in Brisbane Australia.  Infusing Belly dance with styles of Hip hop, contemporary and classical Indian. 


Fusion Belly dance is a beautiful style that has its roots in Ancient Belly dance, styles of dance from The Middle East.  Infused with many styles of dance from around the world, to the sounds of modern music.  Famous Dancers such as Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes, Tiare Velouria, Illan Riviere and Carolena Nericcio are some of Wild Lotus dancers' inspiration. 


Wild Lotus Temple has Fusion Belly Dance classes in Brisbane, workshops and Performance. Taught by Donna Zakura with amazing guest teachers to give more experience to students.  

We offer a Professional Dance troupe called 'The Wild Lotus Project' that has been wowing audiences ïn Qld for the last 8 years.

Our vision in the future is to Create passionate dancers, Dance shows, a student troupe and to keep on dancing no matter what.

Meet the Director and Teacher

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Donna Zakura, the director of Wild Lotus Temple - Fusion Bellydance, has devoted her life to Dance. Performing and teaching for over 30 years. A Master in fusion of Dance techniques with Embodiment and Healing. Donna com

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