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Blessing Way with Ancient Female Sacred Dance

A blessing way is a ritual to mark the rite of passage into motherhood. It was traditionally a Navajo Ritual created to spiritually support and empower the new mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood. It’s often described as a mother’s blessing or a baby shower that focuses on the mother instead of the new baby

Having a  workshop suitable for all guests taught to you by Donna.  A friendly, lively and interactive session, introducing basic bellydance movements. For the pregnant mama and any other  women,  specific movements used in ancient times which can useful in labour, birth and post-natal healing.

Why Bellydance?

Bellydance and all its variations and forms across the Near and Middle East is a dance primarily and historically shared by women; to celebrate, to communicate, to enjoy and to mark important rites of passage. It represents community, solidarity, femininity and self-expression. Wisdom and tradition seep liberally through generations, becoming an integral part of women’s lives and well-being. Childbirth is viewed as a normal life event and from childhood girls learn how to use the muscles in their hips, abdomen and pelvis; they are loose and flexible.

Belly Dance classes for Pregnancy

Mother of three children Donna Zakura has developed gentle Bellydance and sacred movement classes for the Mother-to-Be.   By learning to embrace and appreciate a growing belly, strengthen the core muscles and move instinctively to the rhythm of birth, we are reclaiming our ability to birth our babies as nature intended.


Pregnancy is a wonderful occasion and should be celebrated. It is absolutely the perfect time to dance and even more so, to dance with your baby. Your journey together needs happy memories and time away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives and preoccupations.

These ancient moves and gentle motions serve to tone the body, strengthen and engage the muscles used during birth, relax the mind and enliven the soul.

Classes are once a month.

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