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Sac Bellydance Immersion

This Immersion will invite you into a beginner level of Fusion  Bellydance practices based in Temple and Transcultural dances, Ritual Movement Arts, sacred dance and  Feminine Wisdom. 

You will learn

  • Feminine Yoga and Somatic exercise

  • Beginner techniques in  Fusion Bellydance and Ritual Movement Arts

  • Movement Meditation

  • Improvisation, musicality and self expression

  • Feminine Wisdom 

  • Embodiment


6 week course  $120

This level is open to Women, regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience.

What is Sacred Belly Dance?

There was a time where all people in your tribe would get together and dance.  It was sacred and it healed.

Sacred Fusion Bellydance is a mixture of a transformational dance form for women that combines many styles but mostly based upon World cultured Dance and in Ancient Bellydance (infused with Whirling Mystical dance practices, Temple Dance, Ritual Movement and body tensing and releasing techniques) designed by Donna Zakura to cultivate  sacred embodiment, mindfulness, inner and outer beauty, healing, womb health and empowerment.

Donna's  teachings through dance, movement and meditation are based in embodying the transcendent in our everyday lives leading to empowerment as embodied souls.

Sacred Fusion Bellydance is suitable for all people:  non-dancers, dancers, teachers, yoga and other movement teachers, artists of all kinds.

The Dance of Sacred 

Sacred Bellydance is a combination of  dance technique and  self-expression through  choreography and improvisation. The movement vocabulary is based in Fusion Bellydance incorporating Whirling dance practices, Classical Indian Temple Dance, Flamenco, Tribal Fusion , contemporary dance, body popping and Butoh.


Ancient Wisdom Teachings 

 Divine feminine wisdom, Goddess Archetypes, Astrology and Nature,  Sufi Poetry and Eastern Teachings,  are the theoretical framework of Sacred Movement.

Healing through Movement

By fusing the art of dance and feminine wisdom teachings, Sacred Bellydance guides you to embody and dance ancient sacred teachings which brings you into wholeness. Drawing from the chakras to help you understand your energetic and physical anatomy. By learning about the metaphysical body,  you learn to heal many of your ailments, and release blockages. Many exercises to help you move more openly through Somatic work.


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