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Sacred Sound Healing Experience

Sound Bath and Group Meditation in Nature

Experiences coming soon!

A Sacred Sound Bath is an experience, an immersion into spiralling cocoon of sacred sound, which is heard through the ear of the body itself.  It creates a sense of ecstasy and well being as energy blockages are released on a cellular level as one connects with the heart's intentions.  As an improvised concert with  Crystal  Singing Bowls, over-tone vocal chanting, and other sacred instruments, Donna Zakura co-creates with divine energy for a unique vibrational attunement.  

In a Shamanic Sound Immersion, one is bathed in the vibrations of the co-created sounds and sacred geometries. This has an affect on all of the energy bodies simultaneously. Participants lie on the floor or sit, relax and allow the sounds to wash over them to experience their vibrational essence and resonate it to the world.

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